Our Story

MonZap is a British owned company based in Littlehampton, West Sussex. Owned by Dr. David Everett and run by a team of dedicated and tech obsessed individuals. Our passion is to be at the forefront with the ever changing data security technology and evolving industries in payment, web and mobile applications.

With a pedigree in global payment systems and data security technology expert David has extensive experience and vision and believes that cash can be used in the digital world. Using MonZap as the vessel with it’s technology and ease deals with the challenges around small value online payments, transaction fees and wanting to stay anonymous.

Our Mission

Our focus is to provide an easy payment system for those looking to use an alternative way of managing cash online. With the introduction of the MonZap mobile application and MonZapity our online trading platform, both have been created with the assurance of security giving you complete control.

Our mission is to introduce you to the world of true digital cash. MonZap is a micropayment system which uses electronic coins that act like real cash but comes in the form of a digital file not plastic/paper notes and metal coins. Just like cash there are no payment intermediaries and no transaction fees.

What are you waiting for?

You can get a free £2 electronic coin when you download MonZap - Download and donate 50p - it doesn't come out of your pocket.

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