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Find answers to questions about MonZap and MonZapity and how they work.
What is MonZapity?

MonZapity has been created as a selling and trading platform aimed at people who want to sell digital goods online easily without having the big signups and fees.

MonZapity has additionally been created for the Charity sector where donate QR code buttons can be easily created.
How does MonZapity work?
Is MonZapity free?
How does MonZap and MonZapity work together?
Where can I use MonZapity tokens?
What is MonZap?

MonZap is an electronic payment system application that creates electronic coins of any value that can be used for buying products or services online.

Where can I get MonZap?
Can anyone use MonZap?
How does MonZap work?
Why would I use MonZap?
What are MonZap electronic coins?
How do I buy MonZap coins?
What if I lose my MonZap coins?

Video Gallery

Get started with our selection of video examples using MonZap

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How do I pay a £2 electronic coin to another person’s phone directly?

How do I pay a £2 electronic coin to my friends using WatsApp?

How do I donate to Charity using MonZap?

How do I get money into my MonZap pocket?



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