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MonZap is a company that cares. Donating to causes that you are passionate about not only benefits the charities themselves but is equally rewarding for you to.

As we live in a culture of requested information would it not be nice sometimes to stay that little bit anonymous and have more choice in who knows what you are giving. 

Download and donate

Just to show how easy it is to give, below we have four chosen Charities each assigned with its own donate QR code button. It is so simple and completely free.

Just download MonZap and with the free £2 electronic coin being given you can just tap out on the cash pocket app and then scan the code and 50p gets given to your chosen Charity.
Guildcare logo
Monzap Guildcare Donate QR image

Total Donated


Monzap RNLI Donate QR image

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Macmillan Logo
Monzap Macmillan Donate QR image

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Dogtrust image
Monzap Dogstrust QR donate image

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So why not choose your own charity!

Create your own donate QR code button with your choice of Charity so you can easily share with friends and family.