P2P Coin Tokens

Discover easy online payments using MonZap

MonZap’s system produces QR codes for electronic coin transactions of any value and can be sent through person to person or via a merchant to buy goods using social media applications.

MonZap’s electronic coins are created in PNG image format making them easy to save and store in your gallery plus being ultra secure with a one-time only code meaning that they can only be spent once.

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Get started with a MonZap electronic coin

Available on iOS and Android you can download the MonZap cash pocket application where you can easily store and keep track of your MonZap electronic coins.

To get you started, we are currently giving away a free £2 electronic coin so why not give it a go!

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Would you like to see you pay with MonZap?

Our FAQ and video section will answer your questions and show you how MonZap can be used.