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Discover how you can earn with MonZapity

MonZap’s trading platform allows you the seller to create your own online shop to create product purchase QR codes for your digital goods. Goods can be of any value which can be sold securely and downloaded easily online with your payments tracked.

MonZap’s purchase QR codes are created in PNG image format making them additionally easy and flexible to use when networking your goods through social media or can be just simply added as a buy button through your website.

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Own your own trading platform

If you have digital goods that you can earn money from selling online be it music, videos, ebooks, PDF’s, online courses or even software, it is just a simple account setup then off you go with creating your own bespoke digital product QR codes.

Once your QR is created there are many ways of networking your product to sell with the following:
  • Social media and web
  • Email marketing
  • Message applications
  • Print
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